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Lesser Pyramid Records releases 

"Born of Water Suite"

(SEATTLE, WA)  Lesser Pyramid Records released the 44-minute co-comprovisation by The Mike N Dave Channel.  This work resulted from the flow of a series of concepts in Potlatch, Washington.  The music evolved into 8 movements which describe the music therein:

m1.   the water

m2.   piano on the water

m3.   water rushing downstream

m4.   the water lilies

m5.   water mosquitos

m6.   the brewing storm

m7.   rains wash away

m8.   the rainbow appears

m9.   dance of frogs and crickets 

m10. the bird and the frog

m11. the storm resurges

m12. the storm over the water 

m13. drops on the pond

m14. reflections on the pond

The Mike N Dave Channel were the first among the co-comprovisation groups that originated the art form. (Wikipedia)  The music is available in CD or download form at Amazon and Itunes, as well as 26 music download services.

A second co-comprovisation, "Ham-fisted Surgeon" is also on the album.

The St. Bees Group releases"Cumbria".

Record release party Jan 21, 2015 at Nectar Lounge, Seattle, WA is a smashing success! 

 The St. Bees Group made a rare LIVE appearance at Nectar Lounge on January 21, 2015, to celebrate the release of the St. Bees Group's new album on Lesser Pyramid Records titled, "Cumbria."

There has been a wave of excitement regarding this release, as the St. Bees Group has been influential in the development of Co-comprovisation, a musical art form requiring improvisational and compositional skills, as well as big ears and a small ego.

The St. Bees Group has mainly been recording since 2004, and at the Nectar Lounge the group presented the art of Co-comprovisation to the public, who for the first time experienced the birth of a musical entity.

Reviews were overwhelming, ranging from "awesome" to "you guys are sick."

A special treat was the attendance by Seattle songwriter Al Vann, which prompted the performance of "Seattle Rain, " composed by Al Vann.

The group also did a rendition of "Ritual Fire Dance" by Manual deFalla.  It was very unlike the original.  

Also heard was, "Opulent Pauper" from the new album, Cumbria.  Again, this sounded very different from the record.


(Seattle, WA)  Matthew Gordon, a reknown plant geneticist and rock guitar player, has created an album through the art form of co-comprovisation.  

This album, "Old Toby" has been released by Lesser Pyramid Records, of Seattle, and is now available for download on Amazon and Itunes, and in CD from Amazon.  

"Old Toby" has also been listed in the catalogs of Sony Music, Rhapsody, Emusic, Pandora, and Spotify.

Early reviews have been strong and positive.

Lesser Pyramid Records releases "Sound Paintings Vol. 1"

(SEATTLE, WA)  Lesser Pyramid Records released its first of eight CD's from the improvisational group, We Paint with Sound.

The recording is significant to modern music, because it was produced through the 21st Century art form, Co-comprovisation.

Co-comprovisation has been a compositional movement in Seattle for the last 8 years, and has been embraced by accomplished musicians and audiences alike.

"It's not how it's's how it sounds," said David Belzer, one of the co-founders of We Paint with Sound, and director of the Co-comprovisation Workshop in Seattle.

"The art form is a spiritual musical form of the mastermind group concept, where inspiration is obtained through the combined focus of several members."

Sound Paintings, Vol.1 at

The Co-comprovisation Workshop is at:

We Paint with Sound is at:


Aleatoreadors release "Co-comprovisation" on Lesser Pyramid Records.

(Seattle, Washington)  Lesser Pyramid Records has announced the release of its historic album, "Co-comprovisation" by the Aleatoreadors.  This recording is significant to 21st Century Music because it is composed using methods beyond traditional music.

Influences affecting the music are:  silence;  the unwillingness to rehearse;  the desire for instant musical gratification;  contemporaneous impromptu composition, co-ordinated and influenced by fellow musicians and the chance elements of the recorded moment.

The music created by the Aleatoreadors is floating, aimless, and wandering.  There is a lack of repetition that is requisite for memorability.  Therefore, most of the music is not memorable.

The music is very accessible, especially for experimental music.  The composers have delicately interwoven various genres of music into a pleasant and diverse listening experience.

Distinctly absent are repetitive drum beats or memorable themes.  This keeps the music from being tiring.  Also dissonance is discreetly employed to introduce a bit of tension into a generally peaceful and relaxing setting.

The listener experiences a sense of travel, into a journey which may go to a different place.

Also, the pieces are orchestrated, integrating acoustic, orchestral, electronic, and nature sounds into a single orchestration.

Influences include 20th century classical music, ambient music, new age music, jazz, electronic and sound effects, and tribal music.

Drums are entirely acoustic and have an earthy, hollow wood sound.  Rhythms range from nonexistent, to tribal beats, to odd meters, to a fast swing waltz.  There are lots of tom toms, tympani, gongs, bell trees, and dryer hoses.

The recordings are made live to digital, without overdubs or edits.

---Dr. Tony Antonio, Music Reviewer, The 21st Century Music News

Available at

Available on ITunes

The Aleatoreadors MySpace radio page

The Aleatoreadors Web Page


21st Century Music News is dedicated to reporting developements in modern music, particularly the art form of co-comprovisation.


"The time has come for the true merger of composition and improvisation." -- Dr. Tony Antonio, Atlanta, GA

"The music is strange and it improvised, or composed?  I can't tell where the improvisation ends and the composition begins.  Also, the combination of orchestra, electronics, percussion, and weird sounds creates a fascinating draw into the music.." -- Charles C. Carlos, Santa Barbara, CA

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